The Portland World Cup is a soccer tournament and festival organized by a volunteer committee and the VOZ Workers’ Rights Eduation Project. The Portland World Cup promotes community health and cultural exchange through the shared love of soccer. In keeping with VOZ’s mission, advocating leadership development and immigrant organization, the World Cup tournament gives everyone a chance to build community through sport, food, music, and activities the whole family can enjoy!

HISTORY: In the Summer of 2010, the first ever Portland World Cup consisted of 10 teams, 8 men’s and 2 women’s. These teams represented 8 different countries: Sierra Leone, Ghana, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Fiji and Oromia! In 2011 Portland World Cup we had a total of 13 men’s teams, representing the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Somalia, Bhutan, Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Liberia and the United States. The 2012 tournament was the first year we had 2 divisions, encouraging a skillful competition while keeping the event open to all levels.  The 2013 Portland World Cup continued the tradition of inclusiveness and with a mix of new and returning competitors.  Every year we have made it our goal to strengthen the tournament and expand the Health Fair. 

WHO WE ARE: Community members work together every year to make the Portland World Cup possible.  The group consists of soccer players and non-soccer players alike, with significant support from day laborers and VOZ staff. If you are interested in volunteering or helping plan the event, please email us at  worldcup@portlandvoz.org. We would love to have you!